We provide shelter, food, education, parental guidance, health care,psychological support, life skills, clothing, spiritual guidance and other basic necessities needed by our children as they grow.


We have good relations Health Institutions like; the Baylor Clinic, Mbabane Municipality Clinic and the Mbabane Government Hospital who treat our children. Our children are in good health, although during bad winter seasons most of them have flu. Khayelihle Mhlanga, one of our children is responding well to the physiotherapy on his left hand and we have requested that he goes to Johannesburg for further expert treatment. His health is however threatened due to the scarcity of funds to send him off to Johannesburg.


The Board of Directors together with the Selulasandla Network were  advised to review the Village’s vision and mission in obtaining social
environment to maximize the services to the community, in particular
that of the rural areas irrespective of their religious affiliation, gender or place of abode. In the downward trend of the impact of HIV/AIDS pandemic in the country, the Village must be open to other services that affect the country, in particular the young and vulnerable, and some could be:

  • Obtain the current data of abused and vulnerable children in the country from the DPM’s Office Department of Social Welfare and through our local churches to see if there are any young orphaned and vulnerable children who could be taken into the village for a warmer and more positive care.
  • ·Introduce the possibility of the Village acting as a ‘Transit Place’ for children attending hearings of child abuse in Mbabane through the DPM’s Office
  • ·Give the Selulasandla Network the opportunity to develop a study on how the two plots on either side of the Village could be developed towards economic empowerment of the village and the church as a whole within a determinable future.