Village Mother

Interim Coordinator

Mrs. Lydia Vilane serves as the children’s mother, who serves as the children’s care giver. She was fully employed June 2018 after volunteering for quite a number of times since 2017 and has already made the village lively,which is a good positive change. Currently, we seek a relief mother who will fill in the shoes of Mrs. Vilane during her days off. The recruitment is ongoing and is to be completed by the end of August.

Bro M.T Masuku is currently a volunteer interim coordinator who is being assisted with travelling and off pocket expenses. He is responsible for the smooth running of the village, and ensures the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, good health, safety and environmental needs of all the children and staff residing in the village.The coordinator further monitors the proper and regular consumption of medication dispensed to the children by health institutions. He is answerable to the Board of Directors, who frequently meets to assess the progress and state of the Village and residents.The Village intends on hiring a full time Coordinator in the near future. In the meantime, Bro M.T Masuku is holding onto the role and assisting the village.  

Meet the Board of Directors of Selulasandla Vashti McKenzie children’s village:
•        Bishop Stafford J.N. Wicker
•        PE Rev. A.B. Thwala
•        PE Rev. N.M. Nxumalo
•        PE Rev. P.M. Mavundla
•        Rev. SJ. Nxumalo
•        Rev. B.S. Qwabe
•        Rev. T. Dlamini
•        Sis. Makhosazana Khoza
•        Bro. F. P. Motsa
•        Bro. M. Dlamini
•        Bro. S. C. Dlamini
•        Sis. N.H. Mngomezulu
•        Sis. K. Dlamini
•        Bro. Velaphi Dlamini
•         Bro. M. T. Masuku.