You can help shape the lives of the children at the village by donating your time, valuable and cash contributions to help sustain the village and unable it to survive longer.

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We are grateful that the Selulasandla village has recently attracted close partnership with various people and institutions who all wish to assist and develop the children into better and more focuses young adults both spiritually and humanly.These include:

  • The young people of the Church of Nazarene, Sandla. These young friends visit the Village and share Bible Studies during weekends with the children, and at times invite them for ball games outside the village and have joint meals.
  • The Christian Life Centre, besides donating food, they have opened for our children to attend Bible Studies every Friday in their church. They also hold Young Leadership Forums, and as a result, two of our children, Lindokuhle Zwane and Zinhle Gwebu are Peer Leaders in the youth teams
  • On the 16th June 2016 a group of young people known as the Mandela Washington Fellowship and Youth African Leaders Initiative launched Selulasandla Network whose aim are to partner with us to develop the children on all human needs. This network includes WUC (Waterford School) students and Department of Social Welfare from the Swaziland Christian University. An all-inclusive Development Strategy for tutoring, psycho-social help and religious help is underway.
  • Constant communication with the DPM’s Office Social Welfare Department has been developed and will be maintained.
  • The Black Girls Global Exchange group comes in to visit us annually to interact with the children and exchange ideas and gifts. They have now established a Swaziland Chapter of the organizations who also visit us
  • There are also new friends, the Helping Hand, led by a physically handicapped Bro. Ncamiso Mahlalela who comes in and give good gifts to the girl children

These relationships have helped to expose the village to the outside community and more and more people and organizations want to know more about the Selulasandla Village and this augurs well for our children and the institution.

We also have a network formed by people of different background and a variety of knowledge. Some in the network are Psychologists, Social Welfare, IT Specialist, Educators, and Entrepreneurs and so on. The members of this network contribute in various ways using their talents, skills and other resources  to help the children realise what is out there in the world, from which they can chose their route in the journey to come. You are also invited to join, lend your wings to help the kids fly.

Community Donations
We are grateful to all the donors who have made life for the Children at Selusandla Children’s Village worth living.Do you want to be a part of it God bless you abundantly whilst you ponder,meditate or even reflect over how you can stretch your hand, Selulasandla.