Selulasandla is a non-profit making children’s home registered as a Non-Government Organization (NGO), working closely with the Social Welfare Department under the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office in Mbabane. It was established by the African Methodist Episcopal Church in the year 2000 with the help of funding from Delta Sigma Thetha Sorority Inc.Delta Sigma Thetha Sorority Inc is a women’s organization in the United States of America that was led by the Bishops Vashti Murph McKenzie and the now late John Hurst Adams then.


Our vision is restore,transform and embrace the lives of the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in the realisation and expression of Christ’s mission found in John 10:10


Selulasandla seeks to minister to the spiritual,intellectual,physical, emotional and environmental by spreading Go’s liberating Gospel through woes and deed. It is further to foster and uphold Christian values such as love,faithfulness,purity and trust at all times.


Selulasandla strives to combat the problems of child homelessness by playing the role of a parent or guardian of providing the children with their basic needs as they grow

We also teach children to keep their ties with their village homes and surviving relatives

Selulasandla wants to instill the spirit of gratitude and growth by having our children return to their original communities as self-actualized individuals.